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    Category 3 Lenses


    Frame Color: Matt Black Green – Matt Grey Green
    Lenses: Smoke Category 3
    Other: Adjustable Nosepad, Removable Side Shields
    Included: Removable elastic band, Hard Case
    Sport: Hiking
    Size: Frame Width: 148mm; Height: 44mm – Temple Lenght: 115mm; Lens Base: 8


    Category 3 Lenses


    Frame Color: Matt Black Yellow – Grey Blue
    Lenses: Smoke Category 3
    Included: Removable elastic band, Hard Case
    Sport: Hiking
    Size: Frame Width: 135mm; Height: 48mm – Temple Lenght: 122mm; Lens Base: 8


    Category 3 Lenses


    Frame Color: Matt Black Grey – Matt Black Blue
    Lenses: Smoke Category 3
    Included: Microfiber Pouch
    Sport: Hiking
    Size: Frame Width: 145mm; Height: 50mm – Temple Lenght: 110mm; Lens Base: 8


Mountain hikes, the great passion of every trekker. The use of technical materials is essential for the perfect excursion. The market for each product is now able to offer a large scale of products for all price ranges.

From the technical shoe first and foremost, underwear, clothing and accessories.

Also, for the protection of the eyes there are lines of glasses that can also be used in the mountain area, although there are real lines of glasses dedicated solely to the practice of: Trekking, Mountaineering or Climbing.

As far as Trekking is concerned, DEMON has created a real line of outdoor glasses with smoke lenses to allow the trekker to experience the mountains at 360 ° concentrating only and solely on the emotions that the mountain offers.

The outdoor glasses with smoke lenses dedicated to the practice of trekking differ substantially from the mountaineering glasses by type of lens, while some models remain unchanged in the frame and in the technologies connected to it.

In fact, those who practice trekking have similar needs with respect to those who practice mountaineering, but at the same time they do not need darker lenses for very strong light conditions or exposure to stronger UV rays typical of very high altitudes.

Technical characteristics of outdoor glasses with smoke lenses:

  • Smoke lenses Category 3: the smoke lens category 3 for outdoor glasses is an excellent lens for those who practice trekking, in fact it is clearer than the category 4 lenses generally used for mountaineering. The outdoor category 3 smoke lens is particularly recommended for excursions below 3000m, and is able to better protect the eyes of the trekker with very intense sunny days even for very prolonged use.
  • Shatterproof lenses: Smoke category 3 lenses for outdoor glasses are made of top-quality polycarbonate. Not only are the eyes protected from light and UV rays, but also in the event of accidental impacts. The lenses of outdoor glasses with smoke lenses are also studied in the aspect of safety. Polycarbonate is the best material for building safe lenses for sports glasses.

In the event of a very strong impact the lens distributes the shock throughout the surface avoiding the creation of small fragments that could damage the eye. Forming a spider web effect that invalidates the lens.

  • Ultra-light and elastic frames: All frames of outdoor glasses with smoke lenses are in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber. The composition is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin even for prolonged use and with prohibitive weather conditions. The TR90 is 20% lighter than the material used for frames constructed with conventional materials, more resistant to high and low temperatures, more resistant to impact and mechanical traction and more durable over time. The rubber parts are in soft Megol, an allergic material that improves comfort and increases the grip of the glasses and stability to the face.
  • Other technologies: The ASPEN model is equipped with a removable sweat sponge, also hypoallergenic and serves to prevent lateral filtering of light and to protect the eyes more from air and cold. The MASTERPIECE – SOLID – ASPEN – CURVE models are equipped with an adjustable and removable elastic cord that increases the stability of the glasses to the face. The MASTERPIECE model is equipped with removable side bulkheads at will to make the glasses less “mountain” if also used for other sports.

Outdoor glasses with category 3 smoke lenses can also be used for all other sports in direct contact with sunlight as they can be replaced by common sunglasses even for everyday use, and also for a safety point of view they protect against accidental impacts.